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Explain difference between Public vs Private Key in Crypto

March 4, 2024

Explain difference between Public vs Private Key in Crypto


Explain difference between Public vs Private Key in Crypto

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March 4, 2024

What is Public Key in Crypto ?

A public key in cryptocurrency is a unique identifier that is derived from and connected to a private key. It's used to receive transactions and is shared publicly. Think of it like an email address that you give to others to send you emails.

What is Private Key in Crypto?

A private key is a secure, secret alphanumeric code that allows a cryptocurrency holder to access and manage their funds. It's equivalent to the password to your email account, which should be kept confidential.

Difference Between Public and Private keys

The main difference lies in their usage. A public key is used to receive funds and is safe to share. A private key, on the other hand, is used to sign transactions and must be kept secret to maintain security.

How to Store your Private key

Private keys should be stored securely offline in cold storage, like a hardware wallet or a paper wallet. Avoid storing them online or in a location susceptible to hacking.

How Are Private Keys Made?

Private keys are generated using cryptographic algorithms. They usually start as random numbers which are then transformed into a key using these algorithms.

How Do Public and Private Keys Work Together?

In a transaction, the public key is used to create an address to receive funds, while the private key is used to digitally sign the transaction, proving ownership and authorizing the transfer.

What are the Examples of Public and Private Key Encryption?

Examples include Bitcoin and Ethereum, where each user has a public-private key pair. Public keys are used to create wallet addresses, while private keys sign transactions.


Public and private keys are fundamental to cryptocurrency transactions, ensuring both access and security. Understanding their roles and keeping private keys secure are crucial for safe crypto handling.

FAQ’s of Private and Public Key

How are Public and Private keys used in Cryptocurrency Transactions?

In transactions, the public key is used to generate a wallet address for receiving funds, while the private key signs and authorizes the transaction.

Can Someone Steal my Cryptocurrency by Knowing my Public Key?

No, cryptocurrencies cannot be stolen using just the public key. The private key is needed for access and transaction authorization.

Is it Safe to Store my Private Keys on an Exchange?

It's risky to store private keys on an exchange due to potential vulnerabilities. Using a hardware wallet or other forms of cold storage is safer.

How Do I Create a Private Key?

A private key is usually created automatically when you set up a cryptocurrency wallet, using cryptographic algorithms.

What is the Tool to Generate Private Keys?

Private keys are generated using cryptographic tools integrated into wallet software. They ensure secure and random key generation.

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