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Plena Crypto Super App Integrates LI.FI To Enable Cross-Chain Swaps

October 18, 2023

Plena Crypto Super App Integrates LI.FI To Enable Cross-Chain Swaps

Plena is thrilled to announce its integration with LI.FI, enhancing the Plena Crypto Super App's capabilities. This integration will simplify the asset bridging process for users, offering an unparalleled experience.


Plena Crypto Super App Integrates LI.FI To Enable Cross-Chain Swaps

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October 18, 2023

In an exciting update, Plena has integrated LI.FI to offer seamless bridge services within the Plena Crypto Super App. This strategic move aims to provide users an elevated experience by simplifying asset bridging. Let’s delve into the groundbreaking features this integration brings to the table.

Benefits of Integration:

Incorporating LIFI into Plena offers some fantastic benefits. LIFI is like a super-smart tool for connecting different blockchains. It's the best at finding the quickest and cheapest way to move assets between multiple blockchains. Also, unlike other bridging solutions, users don't have to worry about doing multiple or expensive transactions on destination chain to claim the bridged assets. Plus, it allows users to interact with their favorite protocols and buy their favorite coins, no matter which blockchain they're on. As they can do everything in one single transaction and use any token for fees. LIFI integration in Plena makes managing multi-chain assets and transactions a breeze.

Seamless User Experience with Account Abstraction

If you have been following Plena, you know how committed we are to making blockchain interactions as smooth as possible. With our existing account abstraction solutions, users have enjoyed more straightforward transactions, customizable security measures, and various other perks. Now, by merging this with LI.FI, Plena is set to become the leading account abstraction wallet, offering users an unparalleled experience. Where users can start their crypto journey with just a $1 and go on to do activities like seamlessly interacting with Dapps, investing in Crypto portfolio’s , chatting and paying in crypto, participating in quests and much more.

From Account Abstraction Wallet to Plena Super App

The integration is not just an upgrade; it's a transformation. Plena is no longer just an account abstraction wallet; it's a full-fledged Crypto Super App. This means you not only get to enjoy simplified transactions but also have access to a plethora of features such as social login, crypto chat and pay, dynamic portfolio rebalancing, and much more—all in one application.

Wrapping Up

LI.FI is now part of the Plena Crypto Super App, making it easier for everyone to handle crypto. You can move assets between different chains without a hitch and enjoy all the cool features Plena offers. Plus, we now support two more chains, Base and Polygon ZkEVM, and we're adding even more soon. Thanks to LI.FI, moving assets between these chains will be a one-click task. It's not just a wallet; it's your all-in-one crypto tool.

Being able to invest in DeFi using any token in one click on Plena is a game changer for crypto. We're incredibly proud to power the Plena super app with seamless swaps across chains. - Philipp Zentner (CEO, Founder LI.FI)

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