September 9, 2023

Plena Finance receives a grant from Polygon.

🥳We are excited to announce that #PlenaFinance - CeFi like experience in a DeFi application, has received a grant from @0xPolygon

We are excited to announce that Plena Finance has received a grant from the Polygon team. As the first fully functional full-stack scaling solution on top of Ethereum, Polygon offers fast transactions and extremely low fees. With this collaboration, we believe the Plena Finance Mobile Application will greatly benefit from the new features, possibilities & network brought by Polygon. In future developments, Polygon Foundation will also offer support with the introduction of its network of projects & influencers building on top of Polygon.

About Plena Finance’s Partnership with Polygon

Effective partnerships and collaborations are pivotal to the growth of an ecosystem. A partnership with a promising project not only contributes to the growth of the ecosystem but also increases the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Plena Finance has confirmed its strategic partnership with the layer-two blockchain network Polygon for one of their on-chain default features.

This ideology of cooperation between Plena Finance and Polygon is not just the reason for our collaboration, but we both share the same vision.

Plena’s mission is to create a mobile DeFi ecosystem that will help mass adoption of DeFi by allowing new users immediate access to functionality and interactivity without jumping through different protocols.

About Plena Finance

Plena Finance is a mobile-only DeFi application that brings the most exciting DeFi opportunities. It will make the DeFi world more accessible, simple, and rewarding for the masses with a ROBUST & COMPREHENSIVE ECOSYSTEM.

We are on a mission to drastically improve the DeFi user experience, and we’re proud to say Plena Finance will stand at the heart of this new wave, empowering not just the best of decentralized finance but also immediate access, portability, and a rich ecosystem.

With the help of Plena Finance now you do not have to worry about carrying your laptop, as plena mobile application is accessible, simple, and rewarding for all. Don’t worry we’ve got your back!

📲With Plena’s holistic Dapp you get plethora of features including:


✅Best Exchange Rate for Swaps

✅Open to all NFT Marketplace


✅Yield Farming


✅Pay Gas fee in non-native tokens

✅Enhanced Privacy

✅Smarter DeFi notifications

About Polygon

Polygon’s expansion comes during a time when the network is experiencing high activity. As gas fees on Ethereum itself rose this year, Ethereum’s scaling solution saw parabolic growth. Early this year, a number of Ethereum-native DeFi applications were launched on the network with generous liquidity mining rewards. This encouraged yield farmers to migrate to the network, which spurred the price of its native token, MATIC, to soar. Recently, the scaling solution reached another milestone. In phase 1, the UNI community warmly welcomed the proposal for bringing Uniswap V3 to Polygon.

In order to promote a multiple chain Ethereum ecosystem, it aims to bring together adaptable Ethereum solutions. Polygon’s main goal is to create a multi-chain ecosystem of Ethereum-compatible blockchain through an “internet of blockchains” or a single click. Polygon proposes a system for the exchange of currency and information between blockchains free of technical and ideological barriers.

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