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Ambassador Program
Plena Finance Space Vanguard Ambassador Program

October 16, 2023

Plena Finance Space Vanguard Ambassador Program

Plena is thrilled to introduce our Ambassador Program, a vital initiative aimed at recognizing and rewarding our dedicated community members. Engage in five roles, foster Plena's Web3 growth, and earn rewards. Become part of the Space Vanguard journey


Plena Finance Space Vanguard Ambassador Program

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October 16, 2023

Hello Plena Community! 

We are excited to announce that Plena is launching an Ambassador Program!

This is a very important step, because Ambassadors are a very important part of every project. We have seen that there are many community members who are truly dedicated to Plena and who want to be useful to the project, so we decided to launch the Ambassador Program to give these members the opportunity to prove themselves and get rewards for their work.

Who is Eligible to Participate?


-Our program is designed in such a way that anyone can contribute to the development of Web3!

What Plena Finance Ambassadors Do?

-The Ambassador's main role is to help the project grow. Our Ambassador Program provides rewards for all the ways you can do this.

-Do you have any other ideas on how Ambassadors can promote the project and what they should be rewarded for? - You'll get rewards for that too!

Structure of the Program

Our ambassador program consists of five roles:

1. Novice: Ambassador Program Newbie

2. Trainee: An entry-level contributor who has learned the basics about content creation

3. Pilot: An elite contributor to the Plena realm. Only to the most promising Trainees can become Pilots.

4. Commander: A very high ranking member of the community who is revered across the community. Commander can only be earned by the greatest Pilots.

5. Ace: The legendary member who will help lead us into a new era of Web3. Only the most distinguished Commanders are able to achieve Ace status.

Novice and Trainee are the initial roles you can get through Zealy. To get them, you will need to complete basic simple tasks and learn the rules for creating content in the Space Vanguard Ambassador Program, and create your first content about Plena Finance.

These roles are essentially a preparation and a pass to become a true Ambassador.

The next role is Pilot, which requires you to create content as a Trainee for a month and be active on Discord. After that, you will need to fill out a form where you will answer basic questions and show what work you have done during the month. Pilot is the first role that involves rewards and it is the first truly Ambassador role.

After the Pilot role, you will receive monthly rewards in tokens, as well as the opportunity to upgrade your role to Commander and then Ace in order to increase your rewards and discover many other bonuses, one of which is the opportunity to become a full member of the Plena Finance team!

If you want to learn more about the Space Vanguard Ambassador Program, then go to our Notion page and become a part of the great journey!

How to Start?

-Read Notion document about Plena Space Vanguard Ambassador Program

-Join our Zealy

-From that point you will understand what you need to do

Gear Up - the Space Vanguard is Waiting For You

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