Plena Super App Guide

October 3, 2023

Upgrading Your Plena Super App: A Seamless Transition from V2.0 to V3.0

A Step by step guide on how to seamlessly transition your assets from Plena App V2.0 to V3.0 without a hitch

Follow these easy steps to smoothly transition your assets from Plena App V1 to V2 without a hitch:

Step 1: Launch the Plena App

Start by opening your Plena App to access your existing V1 wallet.

Step 2: Verify Your Balance
Before initiating the transfer, make sure to review your current asset balance. Locate and click on the 'Send' option.

Step 3: Choose the Assets to Transfer
Navigate through your asset list and select the ones you wish to transfer to the V2 wallet.

Step 4: Specify the Destination

You can either manually paste an address or simply click on ‘Transfer to my Plena V3.0 Wallet' option.

Step 5: Finalise the Transfer
Review your transaction details one last time and then click on 'Confirm' to complete the migration process.

By following this guide, you'll ensure a safe and efficient transition to the enhanced Plena Super App V3.0

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