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FAQs Related to Plena Crypto Super App

What is Plena?

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The Plena App is a cutting-edge crypto super app that combines the security of self-custodial wallets with the convenience of a centralized application. It allows users to invest in over 100,000 cryptocurrencies, facilitating transactions, asset swaps, and bridging with just a single tap. Plena's innovative use of Account Abstraction technology sets it apart as the first of its kind in the crypto space.

What gives Plena App the edge over other apps?

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Plena is a self-custodial wallet at core. Self-custody in cryptocurrency means that you keep your digital money in your own wallet, not at a bank or some other place. You're the only one who can access and use your digital money because only you have the special "keys" (passwords) to it.

What happens if I lose my private key or device?

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Creating an account with Plena using Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail safeguards your funds, even if you lose your device. Simply log in on a new device to regain access. However, if you opt against social login, ensure your private key is securely stored and never shared, as it's your sole means of accessing your funds. If lost, we can't assist since your funds are exclusively under your control.

Is KYC required to make transactions in Plena App?

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At Plena, we respect your privacy and don't require any Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. You're free to use our platform without providing any personal information.
Presently, Plena supports Polygon, Fantom, BSC, Avalanche & Base chain with plans to incorporate more in the future. Plus, with our bridge feature, you can effortlessly transfer funds between different chains.

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