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Crypto Super App

Invest in 100,000+ Cryptocurrencies: Send, Receive, Swap and Bridge Your Assets in a Single Tap With The First Crypto SuperApp powered by Account Abstraction.

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One Crypto SuperApp, Infinite Possibilities

Seamless dApp Experience

Interact with more than 150+ dApps with ease via Plena Connect.

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Chat and Pay

Make smarter investment decisions with our trained AI chatbot

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Explore Markets Accross Many Blockchains

Create diverse crypto strategies and maximize your returns with automated investments.

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More Chains, Effortless Transactions with Plena Crypto SuperApp

Plena supports Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Base chain, Avalanche, Fantom & more...

Black+ Webflow Template by Wedoflow.com
Black+ Webflow Template by Wedoflow.comBlack+ Webflow Template by Wedoflow.com
Seamlessly bridge your crypto across chains with a single tap!

Your Keys, Your Crypto SuperApp

Plena - The Crypto SuperApp: We're on a quest to make crypto more accessible to the everyday user, while keeping our key focus on security and usability.

One-click transactions

Experience the ultimate convenience with Plena, where complex tasks that typically require up to 10 transactions can now be accomplished effortlessly with just a single tap.


Plena is Self-Custodial

Plena grants you complete custody of your assets, ensuring that neither Plena nor anyone else has access to your funds. Safeguarding your assets from potential losses on centralized exchanges.


Pay in any token

With Plena, you have the flexibility to pay transaction fees in the token of your choice, mirroring the convenience of centralized exchanges.


Claim your Unique identity

​Plena Naming Service or PNS provides a free, personalized username within our ecosystem. Easily receive funds across multiple chains and chat with fellow Plena users without sharing complex addresses.

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Black+ Webflow Template by Wedoflow.com

Do more with Plena

Chat & Pay

Effortlessly send, receive & share trades with your friends.

Track your Portfolios

Efficiently track your portfolio's performance with ease

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Get rewards by participating in Quests

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Pay Less, Get more!

Save up to 30% on every transaction

Account Abstraction

One of the best Crypto Super App to use Account Abstraction(ERC-4337)

FAQs Related to Plena Crypto Super App

What is Plena?

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The Plena App is a cutting-edge crypto super app that combines the security of self-custodial wallets with the convenience of a centralized application. It allows users to invest in over 100,000 cryptocurrencies, facilitating transactions, asset swaps, and bridging with just a single tap. Plena's innovative use of Account Abstraction technology sets it apart as the first of its kind in the crypto space.

What gives Plena App the edge over other apps?

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Plena is a self-custodial wallet at core. Self-custody in cryptocurrency means that you keep your digital money in your own wallet, not at a bank or some other place. You're the only one who can access and use your digital money because only you have the special "keys" (passwords) to it.

What happens if I lose my private key or device?

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Creating an account with Plena using Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail safeguards your funds, even if you lose your device. Simply log in on a new device to regain access. However, if you opt against social login, ensure your private key is securely stored and never shared, as it's your sole means of accessing your funds. If lost, we can't assist since your funds are exclusively under your control.

Is KYC required to make transactions in Plena App?

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At Plena, we respect your privacy and don't require any Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. You're free to use our platform without providing any personal information.

How many blockchains does Plena support?

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Presently, Plena supports Polygon, Fantom, BSC, Avalanche & Base chain with plans to incorporate more in the future. Plus, with our bridge feature, you can effortlessly transfer funds between different chains.

Start your crypto journey with Plena

Get the Plena Crypto Super App, and start investing in 100,000+ cryptocurrencies starting with just $1

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