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Plena Finance Monthly Recap — July 2023

May 27, 2024

Plena Finance Monthly Recap — July 2023

🌞 July 2023 was a stellar month for #PlenaFinance with Plena Connect integrating with 150+ dApps in total! It's a testament to our growth & the industry's desire for superior UX. Brace yourselves for more Account Abstraction Wizardry🪄


Plena Finance Monthly Recap — July 2023

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May 27, 2024

As we step into the heart of summer this August, we are excited to bring to you a thorough roundup of the significant milestones, and noteworthy happenings at Plena Finance during the month of July 2023. Upholding our commitment to transparency — a core value that threads through every action we take — we consistently aim to keep our esteemed community and investors abreast of our progress. So, here we present the July 2023 edition of the Plena Finance Monthly Review. We cordially invite you to explore the central highlights, pivotal achievements, and the consequential strides that have steered our journey through this vibrant month.

In the span of merely three months, we’ve proudly expanded the reach of Plena Connect by integrating with over 150 pioneering dApps, marking a significant jump from our milestone of 100 integrations last month. This achievement shines even brighter when viewed against the backdrop of our unwavering resolve to sustain and enhance this upward trajectory, with a plethora of additional integrations on the roadmap for the upcoming month. We reaffirm our pledge to continue on this energizing path, ensuring no deceleration in our pursuit of excellence!

Let’s delve deeper into some of the impressive integrations that we’ve accomplished in July. Each one represents a new step forward in our mission to deliver the best user experiences across the dApp universe:, POLYTRADE,Forward Protocol, Magic Shoes, MetaMax, Arc Finance, Thinkin, BonFire, CloudBase Finance, NiftyIN, Curra, NeoFi, MugenSwap, Wars of Coin, Kunji Finance, ADO Protocol, Trantor, BIKA & Many more…..

Reflecting on the myriad of integration and the invaluable insights we’ve gained in July 2023, the Plena Finance Monthly Review embodies our unyielding dedication to superior quality, relentless innovation, and breakthrough accomplishments.

Brace yourselves for additional integration updates and significant achievements that are just around the corner. Our commitment is to create unparalleled experiences as Plena Connect swiftly evolves into an indispensable tool within your favorite dApps!

In conclusion, keep a keen eye out for a detailed review of the month’s pivotal moments as we reveal our plans for the future, charting the exhilarating possibilities that await us. We promise that our journey towards transforming the DeFi landscape is going to be as exciting as it is promising.

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