Smart portfolios

Plena recognizes that every investor has unique preferences and investment goals. By granting users the power to choose their favourite coins from an extensive range of options, Plena ensures that each portfolio is tailor-made to suit individual needs and aspirations.

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Investments made easy

Users can invest in their chosen coins with just a tap, leveraging the power of Plena's intuitive interface and advanced technology.

Risk mitigation

Automated Investments

Plena's Automated Investments let you set a schedule to automatically buy your favorite crypto tokens, making investing easy and hands-off. This feature not only saves you time but also helps you buy tokens at an average price over time, reducing risks from market ups and downs.

Borrow with ease

Collateralized Portfolios

Plena's collateralization feature let you use your whole crypto portfolio as collateral, not just one token. This makes borrowing easier and less risky, especially if the market is shaky. You can keep a better balance in your borrowing because the portfolio's value is more stable. This also means you're less likely to lose your assets. You can use this borrowed money to invest in other things without selling your current assets. It's all secure and easy to use in the Plena app.

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